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Why You Should Optimize For The Google My Business Three Pack

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Google and internet search have become so indistinguishably interlinked. It is impossible to not have one without the other. Therefore, it is almost impossible to think of one without remembering the other. It is the most widely used search engine in the world. Consequently, 3.8 million searches are made worldwide on Google every single minute.

Google has helped all of us with our numerous queries. It is our standard go-to option for finding the best in town. This is one of the secret powers of being featured on the Google My Business three-pack. You’ve probably noticed that your search results are usually accompanied by a map on your screen. It is Google’s feature commonly known as the 3-Pack which displays the businesses on the map best suited for your search.

If you can somehow manage to show up your business in Google 3-Pack, traffic to your business can increase exponentially. There is all the possibility that casual visitors will be converted into your permanent clients. Let’s explore in detail what the local 3 pack is and why it is of paramount importance when it comes to the ranking of your business.

Google 3-Pack – An Introduction

Let's say that you are desirous to get a fresh haircut and make the search for the parlors in your near vicinity. You’ll get the top three results along with their exact locations on the map. Furthermore, you will also be able to see their business information. This information covers the range such as addresses, ratings given by the customers, star ratings, addresses of three businesses, and a comparative analysis of their rates. The complete information of each business, including their phone numbers, hours of operation, and reviews will also be businesses in a few clicks.

Google’s Local 3-Pack results are based on algorithms. These algorithms rank the business based on the engagement a particular business gets across various platforms. Your business must get plenty of engagement online to earn a spot among the top three search results. The positive feedback, the awe-inspiring comments, and the stunning reviews are the oxygen for your business. Without these, you may not be able to find the spot. Let’s delve into more details about how this can impact your business, and the benefits if your business gets featured.

Local 3 Pack’s Impact on Your Business

The Local Pack can boost your business to unimaginable proportions. Your business will be preferred by the masses if it ranks amongst the top 3. They consider the ranking as a reflection of the efficiency of the business. The primary reason why businesses endeavor to make their place within the Google Local 3-Pack - is to attract more customers and make more money. The better you are positioned in Google search results, the more the probability of people visiting your outlets. This has a compounding effect. More customers drop their reviews, which inevitably improves the overall ranking of your business on Google and resultantly brings in more customers!

It is a fact as clear as the midday sun, that If you want your business to grow by leaps and bounds, there is no option but to be featured on Google.

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Setting Up an Advertising Campaign

Google Ads account, as well as a Google My Business page, are essential prerequisites to kick off your advertising campaign. In the next step, you need to add a location extension to your Google Ads account. This will enable Google to provide a specific business location to users.

Always keep “Google My Business” information up to date and also ensure its accuracy. When creating your Google Ads campaign, you’ll be given the option to target and bid by location, which means all you’ll only need will be to use location-related keywords within your campaign.

Tracking Your Results

If you have eventually made it to the Local Pack, Bravo! It is difficult making it to the Local Pack, but the real challenge is staying there! You can’t just sit back with a sense of accomplishment, but now you need to put in more effort as the competition is growing with the day. If you want to retain the hard-earned spot; you need to be extra vigilant and forthcoming in keeping track of your ranking and Local Pack results.

Tips On Getting Your Business Featured

There are tips that will come in handy when it comes to getting your business featured on the Local Pack. The process isn't as tough as it may apparently seem. Let’s explore them in a bit detail!

1. Have A Google My Business Page

To join the elite club of Local 3, having a Google My Business page is an essential prerequisite. To ensure you have a page, you can check it simply by putting your company’s name into the corresponding field. If there appears to be a business, you can claim it as your own. You shouldn’t be alarmed upon finding that the Google My Business account already exists in your company’s name. They often get created from parsed information of online listings of businesses in the same category.

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On the contrary, if you don’t see any results against your company’s name, it’s time to register for a Google My Business page. Without this, potential customers would never know that you exist as an option for them!

2. Have A Verified Address

You must have a verified address so that customers can find and reach you. This is one requirement to get into the Google my business three-pack. It is again a simple process, you need to fill out an application in Google My Business. After which, a verification code will be delivered to your company’s store in three to five days.

Upon receiving the code, you should type it into your Google My Business account and your address will be verified. Alternatively, you may use your Gmail account to keep all of your information connected, which shall result in automatic verification of your address!

google my business three pack

3. Optimize Your Business Listings

After your business verification, the next most important step is to give out essential information about your business. It is a thumb rule for Google My Business three-Pack, that the more information you put out, the more the chances that you will be ranked better as information ultimately translates into ease of access for the customers. You must share vital information such as your address, phone number, and operating hours.

Company Presentation

The way you present your company’s information can really infuse magic in your business and get you featured in the google my business three-pack. Let’s have a look!

Your Business Name

The biggest mistake people commit is that in order to appear unique and to stand out from the crowd, they name their businesses quite innovative. The idea is thrilling but consequently, they end up losing potential clients as their business doesn’t rank well with search engines. The trick is to always use keywords that are most relevant to your business. For example, if you own a McDonald’s franchise, you’ll need to add keywords such as “burgers”, “ice creams” and “coffee”.

Choose A Category

Funneling down is important when you are opting for a category. The more specific you are, the more the chances that you will be picked up by Google for a particular search. If you have a shop that offers the complete paraphernalia of golf, don’t just pick a sports shop as your category, but add in the word golf so the customers can make out that your company is exactly offering what they’re looking for.

NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) Data

The accuracy of NAP data and business hours is of utmost importance for the Google My Business three-pack. It not only provides a vital communication link but also keeps customers informed of your timings. If you have multiple outlets in different locations, put this information separately for every location on Google My Business pages. One of your sports shops may only be open until 7:00 p.m. while another may close at 11:00 p.m. Don’t forget to share the contact information for every outlet as well.


This is one of the most important yet neglected aspects. As goes the saying, a single picture speaks a thousand words, high-quality and illustrating pictures can really turn the bias of customers in your favor. Pay utmost attention to the photographs that you post.


Your reviews are instrumental in influencing people’s choices. When you join the Local Pack Club, everyone has access to your business’ reviews as they are made public. A survey claims that almost 90% of people go through reviews before opting for a particular business. Be interactive, remain on the lookout to address concerns highlighted by the customers, thank them genuinely and ensure that their feedback is valued.

Google My Business Extras

In addition to the things already mentioned, you can take numerous measures to make your business more accessible. You should endeavor to make regular posts, give an option of instant messaging, and don’t forget to add an FAQs section to answer the common questions swirling around in the minds of people. These small additions will pay you great dividends by fetching more traffic for your business and will also boost your overall rating,

4. Optimize Your Website For Local Search

Google mainly focuses on three main factors when it comes to listing the businesses on the local ranks. These are your business's relevance, distance, and prominence to what the user is searching for.

To fulfill the criterion in light of these three factors, you must make your website relevant and fully optimized for the search query. Be very choosy when it comes to the selection of keywords as they help your business rank better! Distance is perhaps the only factor you don’t have much control over.

It is no easy task to rank on the local pack. Achieving this feat can be even more difficult for start-ups and new businesses, but with consistency and perseverance, you’ll eventually find a spot in the top 3, if you follow the above-listed steps.

5. Monitor Your Information

The gray side of Google 3-Pack is that users can edit your information without giving you any heads up, though they appear as suggestions. To ensure that information best represents your business, you need to exercise enhanced vigilance and keep getting back to it regularly. If you confront such a situation, you have both options either to fix them manually or lodge an appeal to your Google My Business support staff. You can also tweet at @GoogleMyBiz and can expect a prompt reply within 10 minutes.

Build Your Online Brand Via Social Media

With the advent of social media, online presence plays an instrumental role in the growth of your business. In this era of social media, if you don’t have a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube page, you are surely missing a massive audience.

You’d be surprised to know how massively businesses are followed online. No business in this age can expect to make its mark without having a strong presence on social media.

However, it must be noted that mere online presence doesn't suffice, You need to go to great lengths to make sure that your content is top-notch. You should reach out to the masses in the most effective manner.

When it comes to content posting, quality takes priority over quantity. A well-thought-out post may result in more engagements than ten hastily articulated posts. Interact with your audience consistently as it encourages them to engage back and also gives them a sense of being valued.

Irrespective of your business type, you can really turn things around by maintaining a strong social media presence. Follow like-minded people, build a strong community, and advertise your business; all without costing you a dime. This will skyrocket the popularity of your business and will ultimately boost your ranking on Google.

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