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10 Best Pest Control Marketing Ideas

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The pest control industry is a massive industry worth $17 billion dollars a year in the united states alone and is predicted to grow steadily over the next 5 years. One of the reasons for this growth is with the massive explosion and invasion of different pests, and how some are becoming more and more immune to some of the treatments and applications. This means the market for pest control is growing and with that comes increased competition.

pest control marketing

Pest Control Industry Statistics

According to the 2020 pest control industry statistics, there are approximately 28,849 pest control businesses in the USA alone. Within the industry, there are thought to be over 137,309 pest control professionals employed in the United States. Competition is fierce, so how do you compete in this competitive market.

Pest Control Marketing

Before using the internet, the pest control marketing trend was just word-of-mouth for gaining new customers. Today the pest control industry is used by many other supporting industries such as landscaping or lawn care, plumbing, insulation, carpentry, HVAC installation and repair, construction, landlords, and property managers, etc. All these businesses and homeowners rely on pest control companies to keep rodents, wood damaging pests, and insects away. The industry has grown and continues to grow and with that comes increased competition. It has become difficult for the pest control industry to use the same older trend of marketing due to striking competition between businesses. If you are a new pest control company, you have to think outside the box to compete with your competitors who are using paid advertising for warmish type leads.

Pest Control Marketing Ideas

Thus, to get your pest control business front and center and stay apart from the competition, new digital marketing trends come into action for these pest control companies. Today, pest control companies need to apply varied and out of the box online marketing strategies to build their online presence and to generate leads.

Pest Control Marketing Ideas To Increase Your Pest Control Branding

We have compiled a list of pest control marketing ideas for you and some of these might seem standard. However, it is how you utilize these assets in differing ways to increase your opportunity of being found and respected in a pond full of sharks.

Pest companies need to know the real value they provide to their customers so that they can easily reach them through the internet. The way we do things now has changed and so it is important to consider new avenues of potential reach. For this purpose they need to understand the value, find a niche in the market, and what sets them apart from the market competitors, and employ newer type marketing strategies.

Here are several pest control marketing ideas that your pest control company can employ today to get active measurable results fast.

1. Get Your Business Online – Monitor Your Local Searches.

To grow your business online you need to have a website online and manage your online presence. This will help you to analyze and identify your potential customers. You will also find out when and where your customers are searching and the impact of their purchase decisions. You will also analyze what your customer’s behavior is and what is or isn’t working.

Once your business is online that doesn’t guarantee that you will found everywhere online, therefore make sure you are listed in the local searches. To improve your leads and grow your business in the local market, you need to add your company name in the directories such as Google My Business and Bing. However, you need to have positive reviews and ratings of your companies on these directories to enable you to be found. Furthermore, you will need to have local maps strategies to harness the power of local marketing.

Other important Google tools that you will be using are - Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Structured Data Tools, Google Page Speed Insights, etc.

2. Manage Online Reputation – Solve Your Customers’ Problems on Social Media.

pest control marketing ideas

There are always small problems that customers need to solve without calling pest control companies. These crucial problems can be solved via social media by chatting on Twitter or Facebook with the potential customers and giving them value. This way the company can gain positive reviews and ratings, but most of all develop trust. The companies can post infographics, videos, and other content answering the customers’ questions and solving their problems.

3. Generating Pest Control Leads With Customer Engagement.

There are different ways to keep your customers happy and engaged with your brand so that you can get positive reviews. However, it’s not just about the reviews, it's about the relationship that you develop with your customer. Long term relationships mean long term business and that also will transpire into regular referrals.

When you answer your customers’ negative reviews and handle them with professionalism, your business gains valuable feedback. Believe it or not, negative reviews can be turned around into valuable strategies to build trust.

Send your customers a follow-up email, letting them know that work was done perfectly. In this email you can ask for feedback, whether it is positive or not will help you find the reviews.

Top Secret Strategy

There’s an easier way to do this with video, ask us about that strategy and how it works!

You can also post tips and tricks on your company Blog Post and redirect your customer’s problems towards that content. You can conduct surveys, quizzes, and provide a solution to their problems and challenges.

It's all about the problem and solution and how you go about it.

4. Create Procedures for Organic Pest Control SEO

Pest control marketing needs different procedures for performing organic SEO due to its competitive nature. These procedures are:

  • Pest Control long-tail keywords
  • Fully optimized on-site pest control content about services
  • High-quality backlinks
  • Schema markup for better search results
  • Meta Information
  • Faster website loading speed
  • Voice Search
  • Local Citations
  • Social Local Group Building

5 Paid Advertisements for Pest Control Marketing

Google search ads are the most common paid advertising method through which you only pay when someone clicks your ad from the search engine result page. You are directly advertising to people who are searching for a pest control service.

However, ads are increasing in cost, and it's becoming so much harder to target with the changing of rules from our social media giants. More and more ads are being denied or even the targeting is becoming highly questionable. However, there are strategies to get your content in front of those who may be interested and keep that spend low. This means diversifying the style and type of content that you put out. You can actually drive more targeted leads through targetted content that is ready to buy than just getting warmish leads from ads and increasing the risk of click fraud.

6. Use Mobile Applications for your industry bookings

The pest control industry has several leading industry software platforms with mobile applications for bookings, payments, and service. You can, of course, Develop a mobile application to automate your services, but why reinvent the wheel. The company can manage better customer response and its requirements through the use of these pest control business applications. This is highly effective and will lead to maximizing the performance and productivity of pest control management.

7. Referral Marketing

Now this aspect of your referral marketing is not what you think. When we discuss referral marketing, one considers it to be word of mouth. Whilst that does have a place in your overall pest marketing efforts, the reality is that potential customers will still use online methods for search and qualification.

One of the most fun ways of using this strategy is to run competitions and giveaways but to do it with outside the box thinking. Don’t just ask a question and choose a winner. Getting creative does several things for you.

  1. Increases Engagement
  2. Develops brand awareness
  3. Increases trust and authority
  4. keeps users on your site longer if you use a pest hunt competition
  5. Drives excitement not just for adults but for kids too

A few examples of referral competitions are;

  1. Pest Hunt
  2. Pest Photos
  3. Nature Hunt
  4. Video competition
  5. School Projects
  6. Be an Inventor
  7. Best Story
  8. Pet Fanatics

We could go on and on, but you get the idea.

8. Video Marketing For Pest Control Leads

This is perhaps our weapon of choice when it comes to running regular ongoing marketing campaigns for pest control companies and can be just as effective if not more than full-blown SEO campaigns that are high in cost. The great thing is this; when done correctly and effectively, this type of content and strategy outperforms anything often with half the cost of other normal strategies.

A word of warning though, its not just about shooting some iPhone footage and sharing it. Video marketing has particular strategies and techniques to develop long term sustainable growth.

Ask us about our new pest control video marketing packages.

9. Audio Marketing

When one thinks about audio marketing, they instantly think podcast, but that is not what we are getting at. You see, there are more ways to use audio and in this particular time, audio and video outperform anything online, often getting more reach and organic engagement.

What we do is take the written content that we have made and we make audio segments. From that, we can diversify that content even further by creating micro audio content. The benefit is that not only do we hit new customers in differing demographics but we also become available to those who may be physically impaired such as Blind. Audio is one way that you can target new customers and provide education.

10. Podcast Marketing

The podcasting industry is huge and is continually developing and growing. That trend is set to continue for many years to come. If you have the time and can dedicate at least twice a month, then starting a pest control podcast in your local area will certainly keep you in the mind of your local customers. Many people like to listen to podcasts and will often search not only podcast hosts for information and solutions to problems but also youtube even though it is more focussed on video. Video podcasts are growing. It's not hard to start a podcast and this guide will help you.

To Sum Up

It is very important that you hire a professional who can implement all your Pest control marketing ideas. Because this process needs to be performed according to the latest search engine algorithm updates. Our experts can provide you best marketing strategy that will work according to pest control objectives.

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