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How to Use Google My Business Posts to Win Customers

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Google My Business!

That’s the stop-point every time we are searching for something on the internet. Questions like “how to use Google My Business”, trendy entertainment news, sports, products, services; name it. Google gives us all answers whenever we ask. But, it isn’t just the results it provides for searches that makes it the most sought-after on the internet.


It is equally the best tool to build businesses. About 84% of potential customers search for products and services using Google. While it connects millions of these potential customers to businesses, it also incubates startups to become global brands. Services such as Google My Business, Maps and Places have been vital for this. So, it doesn’t pull any surprise why most businesses spend so big to access Google’s services.

Brand Recognition

And seeing how greatly it’s impacting brands and transforming business, Google has just launched a new service - Google My Business (GMB) posts. This is a new feature from Google that lets your business share information or contents from its Google My Business profile. Before, it was only few, big industries that could access this feature. But now, everyone can access it. You can share posts with call-to-action, images and links in the Knowledge Panel with your Google Maps.

And what does this mean to your business? More marketing opportunity, new and easier way to reach and win millions of potential customers, and of course, it is FREE!

Before we proceed to how to use Google My Business, let’s take a look at other benefits your business stands to gain with this feature.

GMB Benefits

1. GMB lets you share very important, latest and exclusive information like your business offer, events, specialties, giveaways with customers. And you know how well customers search for this information. Feeding them with what they are looking for certainly puts you ahead. Imagine if your HVAC system failed on a holiday and you search for a local ac repair company, the chances are that you will find the Google My Business posts of the local HVAC company. You may need a lawyer and will find some legal posts in the GMB feeds.

2. It helps you influence potential customers. Think of it; a pool of potential customers throng Google to search for products or services like yours daily. You have the opportunity to win them over when they discover your business listing in the searches!

3. It lets you feed your customers with what’s new. You make your business unique and inviting to customers by keeping them at tabs with new offers from your business.

4. You can pull a lot of traffic (of potential customers) to your site (landing pages)…and possibly convert them.

For sure, the benefits of GMB are immeasurable. This is a major reason most serious businesses have embraced the platform strongly ever since it was announced by Google. So, if you seek to know how to use Google my business, let’s get straight into it! But, first, understand it is about creating Google posts.

So, how do you Create Google Posts?

First thing you need to do is to log into the Google My Business account of your business. And when you log in, navigate to the “Posts” tag. Then, click on “Write your post” option and start. There are different options available to customize and edit your post. For instance, you can link to a URL (or landing page), add image, and make the post an event with a start and end date.

For the post, use bold headings with shortcuts. This will make your post stand out, and get attention from readers. And about the image; it is best you choose 500 x 500 pixels of square design. Be sure there is no descriptive text to the image else, it will be cut out in the Knowledge Panel preview.

However, if you wish to take down a Google Post you have already published, you simply select “DELETE” from the profile. After seven days, your post will seize from appearing. Though, you will continue to see it at the “Posts” section whenever you log into your Google My Business account.

How to use Google Posts to benefit your Business

Now, it is clear how to use Google My Business or create Google posts, right? So, how can you take advantage of this feature for your business? Actually, it is good you understand Google Posts free ads, though with some limits. For instance, you cannot target a specific type of users that are very relevant to your business. But, you can reach a wider segment of people on the internet.

For what you can add to your Google Posts, take a look at these:

  • New Products and, or services
  • Special coupons, giveaways or discounts
  • Features that your businesses outstanding e.g. 24/7 service, customer experience etc
  • Upcoming events which your business/organization is participating in or hosting

There are just so many more to add – all free! If you are really serious about pushing your business to the world and winning customers, you will not wink one bit at this opportunity. I mean, you have all to win and nothing to lose trying it out! So, you should certainly be excited.

Google means business with helping your business gain grounds with this feature. They added a segment that lets you track the success of the posts/campaigns. This lets you know which posts or what is working best, and what isn’t. In not time, you can become a pro with Google posts!

How do you measure the success of Your Google Posts?

There are a number of ways to do this. Google itself lets you know the number of times your posts are viewed as well as the number of times people click your link (you included any in the posts). You can view this information even after the posts stop running.

But, personally, you can measure the success of your Google My Business posts by creating custom URLs for your link buttons. With this, Google Analytics shows you when and how someone takes action on the posts or navigates to your website (to, for instance, make a contact request). So, you can certainly keep track of the activities with your Google posts.

Of course, how to use Google My Business is as simple as the name sounds. And the benefits are boundless. All it requires from you is to START NOW.

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