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Finding Long Distance Movers Easily

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A cross-country can be challenging, especially when you’re looking for a long distance mover you can trust. It’s not as easy as moving just a few miles away, so imagine if you were moving a considerable amount such as cross state. Instead of risking yourself in driving, you can hire professional long distance movers that can take your possessions safely to your new home despite the long distance. How can you reduce moving costs and risks? Find out how you can tackle finding long distance movers easily.

What Can Be Considered a Long Distance Move?

Moving to a new state regardless of the distance is described as a long distance move. Any interstate move requires a long distance even if two states are just adjacent to each other.

At the same time, moving within the state can still be considered long distance. This holds to be true especially when the distance from your current home to your new one takes more than 50 or 100 miles.

The Disadvantages of a DIY Moving Project

A house moving project requires planning, and you often have a lot on your plate to think about. Hiring and driving a moving truck for thousands of miles on your own can be quite taxing and may even be disastrous. There are a few downsides to doing a DIY moving project.

Distance Is Why You Need Professional Movers

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You need to identify how far is your current home from your new home. The distance between these two points is something you should be mindful of, as your expenses will depend on this. Driving long miles can be tiring, and you also have the heavy load to consider.


The Expense for a DIY long distance moving project can be more than you initially thought. You need to consider fuel, toll, and parking fees, meals, and even lodging, especially when your moving interstate. Before you get moving, there are the costs for packing and purchasing equipment you need to use.


If you haven’t done it before, don’t risk trying to do it now. Driving a huge moving truck that contains a heavy load is no easy task. Regardless of how long you have been driving, not everyone is skilled enough to drive a huge truck with a large load.

How Do I Look for Affordable Movers Near Me?

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Movers Near Me

The first thing you need to look for a professional long distance mover is to search online for “long distance movers near me”. In this first step, you can filter your search to companies that are within easy reach in your area. Using a search company such as https://moversnearme.com will help you filter out the right moving companies.

Next is to check if the charges are reasonable as compared to the average prices in the market for the same type of moving services. There are additional guidelines for this which we’ll tackle later on, since cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

How Should I Find a Professional Moving Company?

An ideal moving company should have a U.S. Department of Transportation (US DOT) identification number for compliance and inspection. Check if it is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) by using the US DOT number.

Another affiliation that you should check is the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). On the AMSA website, you can check if a mover is a member and upholds the established code of ethics. ProMover is a certification that long distance movers undergo to successfully pass the background check.

You can further search for the company on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. Only companies accredited by the bureau are listed to have passed the established BBB Standards of Trust. Once you have found a licensed and accredited company, you can ask for personal recommendations and check ratings and reviews from customers to see how reputable the brand is.

Tips for Finding Good Long Distance Movers

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Picking a company at random just to deal with it quickly is something that you should avoid. You are entrusting your possessions to people that you don’t know.

The least you can do is to know these people by checking what their qualifications are and how well had they given services to other people. Apart from accreditation and licenses, what considerations should you follow to find one?

Personal Recommendations

Surely at least one of your circle of friends or even family members have tried moving away. They can give you the names of moving companies that they find trustworthy.

You can casually ask them, “What would you recommend for long distance movers near me?” You need to be specific with this question, since some of your friends may give one that is not within your vicinity.

Social Networks

Moving companies build on their reputation, and they continue to offer the best deals and services, so they can keep customers coming. Don’t limit your connections to your family and friends. You can get word-of-mouth recommendations through acquaintances even online.

There’s no harm in tweeting, “Where can I find professional movers near me?” You might be surprised to find out how useful online connections are when it comes to asking for friendly tips and recommendations.

Online Reviews

The web can be your best friend when checking for feedback on the services of a moving company.

Check online review sites and read through the comments for the different long distance movers you can find. It’s easy to sift through the reviews, thanks to the star system normally used in many platforms. Moving companies need to have five-star ratings with detailed comments. As you read the narratives of former clients, you’ll get an inkling of how professional the services are delivered.


Ask for the estimates charged by the long distance mover. Ask for written binding estimates so you can allot your expenses accordingly. Request the long distance moving company to conduct an in-house survey. Doing so will allow them to give you an accurate cost of the moving estimates.

Ask if the costs are flat fees. Flat fees may seem low but additional charges piled on top can make the deal less favorable. Find out if you’ll be charged by the hour for travel time or by weight of your possessions.

Extra Charges

Ask moving companies what extra charges for additional services you need to know about. You need to proactively ask this since not all movers may disclose these details right away. Most homeowners just ask about the moving rates, and that’s what they get. Not everyone asks about what possible charges can be incurred if some things get out of hand.

You need to know if you’ll get charged for oversized items or extra fuel. Also, you need to know if you will be incurring charges in case the long distance mover arrives earlier than you at the destination. Some companies may even charge parking fees, which is typically not included in the estimates initially provided.


You might be tempted to choose the lowest bidder with the most budget-friendly estimates, but you might be surprised later on with extra charges. You need to know how the rates are computed using a cost estimator tool or table. In this way, you can check for transparency.

Analyze the cost of the additional charges and see if these are reasonably priced. You need to consider what additional services you’ll need. May it be from packing to unpacking, and using temporary storage among other accessorial services.

Extensive Research

Going back to the guideline given earlier, you have to do your part and be diligent in cross-checking information. Some cost estimates are too low and these may be too good to be true. Some movers may trick you into getting the lowest figures for an estimate, and later on, rack up the costs drastically once you booked their services.

Make sure to ask a lot of questions to avoid being scammed. Remember, you’re dealing with people who will take care of your possessions until they arrive safely at your home. Choose a company that can provide professional services without being sketchy.

Detailed Comparison

If you already have a list of reputable companies at hand, check for their qualifications. If all moving companies are licensed and have good reviews, then you can just focus on the last two details. The gritty details will be down to what moving companies are near you that offer the best estimates.

Company Information

Find out how long the moving company has been in the business. A company that has an established name often has a huge advantage. Being in the industry for long makes a wider list of testimonies that you can check for consistency in the quality of services provided.

Apart from the rates and reviews, look into how often the moving company gets their moving vehicles serviced. Find out if the company has workers’ compensation. You also need to know who and how many people will do the loading and unloading of your possessions.


A DIY moving project can cost you a lot of money and effort. To ensure that your possessions are secured in transit, you’ll need the services of a trusted long distance mover. You can find a trusted long distance mover who provides professional long distance moving solutions that will suit your needs. Contact us today to request a quote.

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