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Video Marketing for Pest Control Companies

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Homeowners take a pest infestation at their homes seriously. Depending on the type of infestation, this is where a pest control professional comes in, providing solutions to people who are long troubled by such issues at home or even in a business.

Many companies are available in the pest control industry, yet not all become successful in marketing their businesses. What seems to be the problem? It’s not doing the job, but it’s being heard over the competition. Video marketing for pest control companies is imperative for a pest brands success online.

The problem with traditional marketing

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Giving away flyers isn’t an effective marketing strategy for most industries. People want to see what solutions you can provide to exterminate pests. To address this demand, you need to be versatile in providing digital options where your clients can see the level of expertise you provide through your business.

The advancement of technology prompts you to step up your marketing game. Millions of viewers watch online using their laptops and mobile devices. Learning how you can use this fact to your advantage can get you ahead of other competitors.

Social media is prevalent in this day and age, and looking for ways to promote your business creatively is essential. However, merely putting up your pest control website and posting your services online won’t be quite as successful as you think if you don’t know how to maximize your online presence. The days of build it, and they will come are long gone. Media changes rapidly and unless you have your own environment, you are at the behest of the social giants who control you — even though you might not think that, you are controlled.

Video Marketing For Pest Control Companies

video marketing for pest control companies

Videos of your business can elicit more emotions and gain more leads than the traditional form of marketing. There is no problem with conventional marketing in the pest control industry. The real problem arises when you use old strategies alone and do not move with the new trends and developments. Video can often be quicker to develop your brand recognition and increase trust with your brand.

Is video marketing a useful tool for branding?

With the fast-paced market and tight competition among thousands of companies, video promotions are becoming trendy. What do your clients want to see? They want to see you and to make a connection with you — after all, they will be entrusting you with their property and inviting you into their home.

Addressing homeowner’s needs is a must, and before you get the task done, you need to show how you have helped previous clients or how you work and your understanding of the problem they are facing. What pest management solutions have you done in the past that worked for a long time, you give them the answer to the problem with your pest control solution?

Like how most businesses show everyone what they are capable of, you need to show how you conduct a termite inspection and extermination for pests. How do you exactly do it? Answering this question can leave your potential customers satisfied with the level of knowledge and skill you can share as part of your pest control marketing.

A video can help viewers know your brand story. Since the content is primarily visual and interactive, it allows your consumers to be more connected than the usual text promotions.

What statistics say about video marketing

Video Marketing for pest control companies is about boosting your business through a promotional video, and more and more video and audio is consumed than any other medium. Some studies back it up, and results reveal that 74% of consumers who viewed product explanations bought the product after consuming relevant video content. Hence, you can achieve a high conversion rate optimization and revenue by posting visual content of home solutions through Facebook, Google, and other platforms.

If you launch a new pest service, a service video will give your customers a good indication of the quality of your service. They will learn a lot about what you are offering to the market. It can provide your potential clients specific information about your products and services.

Video Marketing For Your Pest Control Company Website

Do you know that 45% of companies agreed that putting a video on their home page was proven to be effective in bringing in revenue? Most of the consumers learn visually. They are attracted to what they see, and want to know how your actual pest control videos can exemplify how to exterminate pests like mice, rats, roaches, and termites. People want to make a connection with you and to find out more about you whilst being educated.

Creating visual content goes a long way. The views rack up, and your clients can keep pouring in because of the informative content you just shared. Moreover, it can help customers remember your product or service easily. Also, video is there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How do pest control marketing videos address trust issues?

Nowadays, trust is hard to achieve. It is hard for a startup pest business to be successful, given that business reputation is yet to be known. At the same time, an established business in the industry can also lose its patrons if it fails to keep up with innovations.

Consumers often have second thoughts when purchasing online because they experience fraud, or they have concerns about being tricked. However, they can easily change their mind when they see how a product or service works, and the level of knowledge you have in the field. How-to videos are on the rise to generate sales, as how-to articles don’t often attract customers who have a short attention span. Video Rocks!

You don’t merely provide products, as you are a business owner branding your services to get rid of pests. Your skill level in carrying out pest management solutions is what homeowners look for in a company to entrust their home.

Marketing your pest control business using video content shows that you are trustworthy. Your transparency in sharing information about pests and explaining how effective your pest control solutions can build trust.

Boosting engagement among consumers

Everyone is moving fast, and reading long and tedious product labels and overviews do not excite most consumers. Consumers nowadays are more drawn to watching because it is easy to understand.

Visually Shareable

Visual content attracts the most shares on most social media platforms and websites like Facebook and Google. Most clients are now looking for products through social media, and you can turn them into leads. They have become one of the most powerful tools when it comes to brand promotion.

When your pest control services business videos are shared online, the website traffic will attract more people to your business. They will get to know you as a pest management professional, thus enabling you to build more connections. When it comes to business, brand awareness should be on top of your priorities to generate more sales. It takes at least 7 touches to convince someone to buy, but less if you have video content that builds trust and emotion.

Targeting Your Audience

Consider your target audience when creating content about exterminating pests or pest education and of course, personal information. Choose video options or platforms that will benefit your customers. If you think that pest management is boring content to make videos about, spice it up. Create interactive how-to videos that highlight your solutions and facilities that are effective in killing pests. Show them the raw you and that you are approachable.

Costs Of Video Marketing

Anyone can take a video with a phone and upload it. However, there’s a lot that goes into the time and creativity needed to make quality videos that are outside the box. You have costs of software, b-roll, and so much more. Therefore, you can expect to pay anything from $400-$6000 per video depending on what is required. Regular video content marketing for a pest control company can range from $750 for one video a week and upwards depending on the creativity and the assets and the details. Consider the time and effort it takes and what you can expect to get in terms of brand promotion and increasing engagement. That peace of mind is worth it on its own. You concentrate on serving your customers and the video concentrates on engaging new ones.

A video editor can cost anywhere from an industry standard of $75-200 an hour based on a min of 2 hours required. Many softwares exists to help you edit videos and make videos but the time it takes is still time out of your day and of course a pro can create better quality more engaging videos just with b-roll and your own footage.

Video Marketing Takeaway’s

The key to video marketing success is customer engagement. Through video marketing, you can reach your audience on an emotional level. It also allows engaged consumers to trust you as a pest control professional and recommend your pest control services to other people.

video marketing for pest control companies
video marketing video marketing for pest control