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Pest Control Advertising Explained

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There are many ways to advertise your pest control business. Even if you are extremely experienced as a pest control technician; the world of marketing may seem a little complicated to you at this point. Furthermore, what really is pest control advertising. But no need to worry, because Content Amplified can help you cover the various aspects of the marketing spectrum.

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Google Pest Control Advertising

When you type in “pest control” in Google, you will notice just how extensive your competition is. While this may be daunting for a new, or even an existing pest control business, there are plenty of ways to get your foot in the proverbial Google marketing door.

As a pest control service, it is quite likely that you focus on certain areas. Evidently, this is the first niche field you will look into. Advertising your businesses locally often provides the best return, this also applies to the Google search engine.

Of course, if you live in an area with lots of competition, it is essential to find additional niche fields in which you can advertise your services. There are various angles you could take, including looking at specializing in specific pests. You could also provide a better deal or responsiveness compared to the competition.

Google Ads

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Naturally, there are other aspects of Google Pest Control advertising that require quite a bit of expertise, this goes from content marketing and the use of keywords to discovering your target group. Since Google is constantly evolving, it can be really difficult to stay on top of these things. Fortunately, a specialized marketing company can provide you with a good service, and take care of these aspects of advertising for you. At the end of the day, you choose how much you are willing to invest in marketing.

Social Media For Pest Control Businesses

Even though Google is still one of the main advertising platforms, you also need to look at social media. Local recommendations are often sought on community groups, so you want to make sure you are present on social media.

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To be relevant on social media, you will need relevant content and a decent following. Now, it is this aspect of modern-day advertising that is very troublesome for most businesses. After all, how do you compete with a rival that releases new content every day and posts at least five times on social media?

The good news about social media marketing is that many things can be automated these days. This includes your written content and your designed media posts and your video. But you can’t just automate everything, because only relevant and interesting social media posts will get you a following. This is why you need a pest control marketing strategy.

Of course, pest control is not necessarily as interesting to the general public as the latest celebrity news or fashion. But this does not mean that there is not a way to advertise pest control on social media, for example by giving local residents important information about dangerous pests in the area or seasonal pests. The more those posts get picked up, the more your brand becomes visible and people can engage with you.

Don’t have a brand yet or a logo to represent your business? No idea how you even design a logo or a brand for your company? No need to worry, as a marketing company or web designer can help you with those details. Prices are variable among different businesses online, so you can do a little research before you commit.

Video Content

pest control advertising - video marketing

Video content has become increasingly more important in advertising, especially on social media platforms. After all, people are more likely to play a video instead of reading large blocks of text on a social media account. Creating video content that speaks to your audience is therefore a recommended way to promote your business.

Marketing companies such as Content Amplified can create video content for you, even during difficult times such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Video packages tend to be much more affordable than all-round marketing packages as well. And they can provide a bigger return too, as video content can stay relevant for a longer period of time than text.


Email used to be a prime method for pest control advertising, but this has changed with the arrival of social media. An increasingly large number of people ignore marketing emails, but that does not mean the email platform is obsolete.

While it is true that the return from email marketing is less compared to Google and social media, it should not be ignored by companies who are looking to expand and grow their brand. The trick is to provide relevant emails to your audience, without ending up in the junk folder.

Interesting subject lines are often a way to capture your audience’s attention. Don’t forget though, potential customers will get annoyed if the subject line does not reflect the content or vice versa. So, if you use a remarkable subject line such as “discounted pest control offer”, make sure the content in your email delivers as well. Evidently, this is a generic example, so make sure to compare your subject line to content email to avoid annoyed potential customers.


Sticking a simple flyer through someone’s door is not the worst form of advertising, this is especially the case for certain types of services. Professionals that are known to use this form of advertising include cleaners, gardeners, and even local takeaways.

There is certainly room for flyers with pest control businesses, but once again you need to capture your audience. Use a line that captures your potential customer, for example by referring to the fact you can eliminate a common pest in the area associated with the season during which you advertise. For example, if the summer is known for termite swarming in your coverage area, make sure your leaflet reflects this with the proper illustrations, photos, and some capturing text.

Choose Specialised, Choose Content Amplified!

Are you looking to expand your existing pest control business? Or are you a new pest control business searching for your footing in your local area? No matter your needs, Content Amplified is the specialized marketing provider you have been looking for! Contact us to get advertising that matches your business needs, but also your advertising budget. We will be more than happy to assist.

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