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The Leading Video Marketing Trends For 2019

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Video marketing trends are constantly changing. For businesses to reap the benefits, it is important to stay informed about the current trends in the industry. To help you on your way in 2019, here are the leading video & marketing trends for the year.

Be Relatable In Your Video Marketing Content

There is plenty of video marketing content out there, so how can you make yourself stand out? Studies have found that being authentic and relatable translates in more hits, since this is the content people are looking for.

We live in a day and age where advertisements are commonplace. You only have to turn on your TV or your favorite You Tube channel to encounter another advertisement for some company or product. Of course, such advertisements have a tendency to either be flashy or gimmicky, so after some time, they all start to look the same.

Being relatable and genuine will give you more results from video and marketing strategies. While you still have to figure out how to do that, it gives you an angle to focus on.

Tell A Story

video marketing for lawyers
Video Marketing For Lawyers

Have you ever wondered why you watch certain advertisement videos, while you can easily skip others? Well, most of the videos you will end up watching tell a story; this is what draws you in and leaves you watching to find out the ending.

So, telling a story in your video marketing materials could bring you one step closer to your audience. Of course, the story you tell must be interesting to your target audience, so check some of the available advertisements and see how they approach their target group. Afterwards, you can determine how to speak to your audience through a good story.

Available For A Limited Time

We are all scared of missing out on a great deal or a limited time offer, yet this could play in our advantage where video marketing materials are concerned. When you provide such materials for a limited time, and ensure your audience is aware of this, your audience is more likely to check out your content. That means you will have a higher chance of converting directly from your audience.

The Video Tutorial

How often have you browsed YouTube for a tutorial video? If you answer is quite often, then it immediately becomes clear why you should plug into the tutorial market yourself.

video marketing tutorials
Video Tutorials

No matter which product or service you are selling, there are always ways to incorporate them into a tutorial video. For example, if you have a cleaning business you want to advertise, you could conquer the tutorial market with videos on how to remove tough stains. You could even provide a video tutorial on how to make natural cleaning products with items you have at home.

Of course, even with the video tutorial, you must consider what your target audience is looking for. Let us take the example of the cleaning business we mentioned earlier. If your aim is the so-called neat freak, you must ensure your video is packed with advanced knowledge, as the neat freak will already be familiar with most of your tips. However, if your target is the "quick and easy fixer", then you can come out with some cleaning tips that take a minimal amount of time.

Check Mobile Device Compatibility

Ensuring you are seen on the internet is no longer solely about the home computer. In fact, an increasingly large number of people are browsing the web with their smartphones; this is one of the reasons why it is so important to ensure your video and marketing content is compatible for these devices.

When you create a video for your mobile following, always consider that most phones are held vertically most of the time. Therefore, your aspect ratio should be 9:16 for maximum effect. Also take into consideration the fact that your following may be muting sound, possibly because they are watching your video during break time at work. Therefore, could it be beneficial to add some subtitles?

Cover The Most Popular Video Hosting Websites

While YouTube is still the largest video hosting platform with millions of users accessing it every day, there are other popular video hosting sites you cannot forget to cover. One of the latest is found on Instagram, who recently launched IGTV. Even big companies ensure they are seen on it; this includes National Geographic, who used the feature to post a documentary.

Look For Influencers

If you are subscribed to a number of YouTube channels, you are undoubtedly familiar with the so-called influencers. Influencers commonly review products and services, giving their following their recommendations. Getting in touch with these influencers to promote your product or service could help your business too.

Check Out The Competition

Even if you are selling a niche product, there is always some form of competition out there. To make yourself stand out, it is always a good idea to check out the competition. While you should never copy something the competition is doing, looking a little closer at your competition's demographic can help you determine who you should target and how.

Demographic is important for a number of reasons. For example, a younger demographic is more likely to use social media such as Instagram, while an older demographic usually sticks to Facebook or does not use social media at all. These are all things to factor in when you make decisions for your video and marketing materials.

Animated Voice Overs In Your Video Marketing

Is your video and marketing material quite animated? Is it not a video of your working environment, but rather a combination of illustrations? If so, you should certainly consider doing a voice over.

Voice Overs can add a bunch of personality to your videos and make them more interesting to watch for your audience. Normal illustrations and animations will not leave your audience engaged, so the voice over should always be a consideration for illustrated or animated content.

Get The Most From Video And Marketing Trends This Year

Now that we have disclosed the best video marketing trends for 2019, it is up to you to you to determine how you will implement them. Of course, before you get started, it is always recommended to do some extensive research into your demographic. Then, apply these useful tips to your demographic for maximum result.

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