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How To Write The Best Google Content

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how to write the best google content
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So you want to write the best google content for your business. One of the hardest things businesses encounter is their own Google content. They want to attract the right audience, but in a sea of search results, it is never that straightforward. So, how do you go about creating the right Google content that will get you noticed. Here are some of the top tips from our experts.

Learn About Popular Search Engines

Before you start writing any content, it is essential that you get familiar with the search engines you want to appear on. For most people, this will be Google. So learning how to write the best google content starts with learning more about google.

When you examine Google search listings, you may want to look at the number one position; this is probably the spot you want to obtain. There is a reason why a company has obtained that spot over another company. If you can find that reason, you can pick yourself up in the search rankings.

There are a bunch of things that can influence your listing. Some of the most important factors include keywords, anchor text, and even the use of effective meta tags. Of course, Google will look at other things too; this includes your bounce rate, visitor engagement, and even how much your site has been shared on social media.

Finding Your Keywords Will Help You Write The Best Google Content

How To Write The Best Google Content
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One of the most important things in your content will be the keywords you choose. With this, it is important to remember that specific keywords tend to be more successful. For example, if you sell Christmas baubles, the actual keyword Christmas baubles will give you little result, as there is much competition from larger supermarkets. However, if you were to use "bespoke Christmas baubles" or "personalized Christmas baubles", you could get a lot more hits. Of course, the most important thing about your keywords is that they match your product or service.

A handy tool to determine your keywords is Google Keyword Planner. With this tool, you can select search terms and find relevant keywords. It also provides you with the average monthly searches and how much competition there is. So, if you choose a keyword with high average monthly searches and low competition, your site will increase on the search rankings.

Choose The Best Headlines

To write the best google content, you need to be thinking of your headlines. They should not only be keyword-friendly, they also need to attract your audience. It takes some practice to write these up, but once you have them down, you will see a massive difference in the audience you get.

When a title is not suitable for your audience, people simply will not click on it. Always think about what your audience is looking for. Putting some numbers in your titles has also proven to be effective; for example: 5 Simple Ways To Clean Grout.

Capture Emotion

write the best google content
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Let's say you are writing for a Law Firm or an HVAC company, then you have two distinct businesses and each of those businesses will have their own demographic, voice and will have a different emotional point of attraction. It is important that when you write your content, you write it to target emotion, because emotion is what sells, emotion is what builds trust and relationships. People rarely actually buy with just what they visualize, the secret is in the emotional point of attraction.

Don't Copy - Make The Best Content Your Own Content

Once you start on your content, never copy anything from another website. Copies will cost you greatly in Google rankings, so you should always ensure you have original content on your site. Research your product and/or service and determine how you can provide your audience with something nobody else does.

When creating your content, always make sure the content is substantial. 500 words is no longer enough to draw the attention of the Google Search Engine, so you should look at least at 1200 words or more to get an attractive piece of content for the Google Search Engine.

Captivate Your Audience With A Good Introduction

The introduction of your content must capture your audience. If it does not, then you could lose your audience before you even get to your product or service. Make sure your audience always has a reason to read on. If you are uncertain about your introduction, you can always test it on a focus group.

Meta Descriptions Are Important

One of the final things to consider is the meta description. The meta description is the part of your content that will appear on your Google search results. If your meta description does not include your keywords or something that makes your audience click on the link, then your content will not even be seen. Therefore, it is recommended that businesses pay extra attention to this part of their content.