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10 Most Important Types Of Restaurant Equipment You Need To Open

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Restaurant Equipment is needed to ensure Restaurants are engaging in the provision of food and drinks to their customers in exchange for money, so without the equipment to run the restaurant, it is a futile dream.

There are so many people with the dream of opening a restaurant, but the truth is that some of them fail because of poor planning and lack of adequate funds. Avoid losses and failure by planning appropriately. Start by making a list of essential equipment for the smooth running of your dream restaurant. The information in this article is vital in guiding you on the restaurant equipment you must have for your dream dining establishment.

A restaurant comprises of the basics, which are fairly obvious, a kitchen, the dining room, and several other things useful in the provision of services. All of the equipment in various places is equally vital for the smooth running of the business.

A: Top Restaurant equipment Musts - Kitchen

Restaurant Equipment needed in the food production process in your business depends on the type of food to be served and the quantity. In most cases, restaurants use a combination of equipment’s, but you could have a customized list depending on needs at hand.

1. Refrigeration equipment

You need to have coolers, freezers, and refrigerators in the kitchen to safely keep foods that require cold storage. The choice of the refrigeration service to be acquired is guided by the volume of food you prepare for your customers. Make sure to have refrigeration that holds the amount of food you order and or prepare. Keep in mind that a residential refrigerator cannot serve adequately; get a commercial refrigerator. If you have a self-service restaurant, consider acquiring a refrigerated merchandising display to boost sales.

Buy a refrigerator that fits your kitchen size and budget.

2. Dry storage

Where are you going to store foods you have bought ready for your customers? You need to have shelving units and racks to store dry and canned goods. You also need the shelves in storing your pans, pots, and other supplies such as towels and tissue paper. It is also essential to have a separate area where you can keep the things used for cleaning and sanitation purposes. You must have shelving units where you keep flour safely off the floor but still within reach.

3. Dishwashing equipment

After serving your customers and they have eaten and drank, you will be left with dirty dishes to wash. Depending on the size of the restaurant, you must get a way to deal with your dishwashing needs. You can decide to wash the dishes by hand though it is time wasting and might not clean properly.

Consider acquiring a commercial dishwasher which is very helpful in washing and sanitizing your dishes within a short time.

4. Cookware and Bakeware

Cookware and bakeware are essential depending on the food you are serving and the skills possessed by the chefs you hire. You need to buy equipment such as pots, peelers, spatulas, tongs, and pans. Don’t forget to but some knives and towels useful in handling hot equipment.

5. Tableware and some miscellaneous supplies

Depending on the sitting capacity of your restaurant, you should acquire tableware such as salt, sugar, and pepper containers. You also need placemats and tissues.

B. Top Restaurant Equipment Must have's - Dining Room

In the dining side, it is hard to distinguish between decor and equipment, but in this short article, let’s mention the functional gear.

Display Case

1. Display case

If you are looking forward to offering desserts and drinks, you should consider investing in a display case. The display case keeps the goods refrigerated and presents them to the customers. It’s a marketing strategy for some of your products, such as homemade pies and baked products.

2. Sound system equipment

It is good to offer entertainment facilities in your restaurant dining room. Invest in a sound system for playback, a screen and maybe a menu streaming service

3. Transaction equipment

Invest in a Point of sale system (POS) to help in tracking orders and transactions in the business. Transaction equipment such as a cash register, credit card machine, and a printer to work along with the POS is essential.

4. Safety Equipment & Cleaning

Make health and safety a priority in your restaurant because the law requires you to adhere to set regulations. Invest in devices that keep the premise safe such CCTVs, fire extinguishers, and caution signs like wet floor sign.

Furthermore, it is imperative that you keep your restaurant clean and you should consider hiring a cleaning company to do a deep clean of your restaurant every quarter at a minimum.

5. Equipment for self-service

In a self-service setting, you need to set up additional equipment for use by the customers. Such includes microwaves, straw dispensers, beverage dispensers, steam tables, and a refrigerated salad bar.

Closing remarks

To run the restaurant successfully, ensure that you buy the right tools and equipment. Buy equipment that suits your needs and that of the staff and the customers. Make sure to consider your budget as well.

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