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Choosing The Right Restaurant Freezer

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Choosing the right restaurant freezer is imperative when you are Buying restaurant equipment for your restaurant. It is one of the most critical steps in determining your success and profitability. For instance, a freezer is necessary for preserving food to facilitate the day to day functioning of a restaurant. In other cases, freezers are used in displays and to store foods and drinks. Therefore, the right choice of restaurant equipment assures success.

Choosing the right restaurant freezer for your restaurant

choosing the right restaurant freezer
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Food and drink needs to be safely kept at minimum temperatures to maintain their quality from the time they are bought or prepared, then to be served to restaurant patrons.

Refrigeration systems offer the most convenient way of preserving consumable foods in a restaurant. The most common refrigeration equipment includes freezers, coolers, and refrigerators. Choosing the right restaurant freezer is so imperative in terms of safety and to negate food borne disease risk such as salmonella.

Before buying a freezer for your restaurant, you need to determine the right freezer for you, and the one that suits your chosen menu.

Factors to consider in buying a restaurant freezer

Let's have a look at some of the buying factors you should consider before choosing the right restaurant freezer for your business, whether you are a brick and mortar restaurant or a mobile catering unit. The following is imperative.

1. Size and the scope of the restaurant

The Size of your restaurant refers to the floor area covered while the scope is the primary services on offer by the restaurant. If you have limited space, a large freezer is not likely to work for you. However, you need enough freezer space if you offer foods and drinks which will spoil in a short time or need to be served cold.

Talk to the kitchen staff or consider the volume of foods and drink that you need to store. This may also include prepared dishes and ingredients. The reality is that the quantity of the food that needs storage and the volume turnover of the restaurant - as well as the space needed will determine what you need.

2. Food Distribution Schedule

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The delivery schedule also needs consideration while choosing your restaurant freezer or any other refrigeration option. Your restaurant’s distribution schedule affects the choice of your freezer where if you receive fresh meat and seafood. You may not need lots of refrigeration space. On the other hand; if you receive deliveries once or twice in a week, then it means that you need a large freezer for bulk delivery and that should be a consideration.

3. Purpose of the freezer

There are different types of freezers each of them designed for a given purpose or use in a particular place. For instance; if you are looking for a freezer that allows customers to see what is inside as a way of displaying your foods and drinks, a display freezer is a perfect option. A display freezer is convenient in a place where you wish to attract customers to buy what's on show.

4. Portability of the freezer

Portable freezers are commonly convenient in storing a few items while in transit - like a food truck, or in the case where you wish to transfer frozen food items from place to place. Portable freezers and coolers are the right choices if you are planning to set up a restaurant offering outside catering.

5. Freezer features

There are special features in freezers that add value to it, and these could be essential to check them while selecting the right one. Some freezers have extra features such as water coolers, ice dispensers, a temperature warning, and humidity control.

Closing remarks

A strategic plan is necessary before venturing into any business to ensure that you know the facilities and the capital you need for its smooth running. It is not possible to run a restaurant without a freezer because preserving food and drinks is a must. Making a well-informed decision before choosing the appropriate freezer is one of the initial steps in running a successful restaurant.

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